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Recasting Development


Edited by
Kiran Prasad


About the Book: Information and Communication Technology: Recasting Development sets out to illustrate the application of ICTs for recasting development in India and several other developing societies. This path-breaking book explores the applications of ICTs in the core sectors of agriculture, healthcare, geographic information system, networking, rural and industrial development. Another major focus of the book is the implication of communication convergence, the development of cyber journalism, electronic organizational communication, e-public relations, e-governance and e-democracy in the era of globalization. The book raises several fundamental questions on development policy and communication research and responds to the polemic issue of bridging the digital divide in India that can inspire the development efforts of several developing countries.

The scholars of international strength who have broadened the ICT for development debate have great pleasure in recommending this book to academia, researchers, policy framers and professionals in communication and information science, IT, development studies, extension studies, rural development, development economics and planning and social policy. It is hoped that this book will be a valuable resource for future research and policy formation, management and intervention in national development.

2004; ISBN 81-7646-456-2; Pp xxviii + 450; Rs. 1000
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List of Contributors 

I.         Prologue

  1. Information and Communication Technology for Development in India: Rethinking Media Policy and Research

    - Kiran Prasad

II. ICT: Applications and Limitations

  1. Information and Communication Technologies: Applications and Limitations      

    - A. Neelameghan

  2. Information Technology:  Boon or Bane

    - Umesh Arya Jangid

III. ICT for Development

  1. Communication Technologies and Information Support for Development in India

    - Amardeep and M.A. Ansari

  2. Satellite Communication for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

    Narendrasinh B. Chauhan

  3. Information Technologies and Development: Clusters as Economic Policy tools for India

    Joel Ruet

  4. Community Radio in India: Social Implications

    Vasuki Belavadi

  5. Telemedicine in India: Information Technology for Healthcare

    - Waheeda Sultana                                                                                                                                    

IV. Applied Research in ICT

  1. Geographic Information in the ICT era: What has changed and how?

    Sebastien Oliveau

  2. Ethnographic Action Research: A Method for Implementing and Evaluating New Media Technologies

    - Jo Tacchi, Greg Hearn and Abraham Ninan

V. Communication Convergence and Development

  1. Communication Convergence and Development Concerns in India

    - Kiran Prasad

  2. Communication Convergence, Networking and Development

    Joshva Raja

VI. New Media for Effective Communication

  1. Cyber Journalism

    Roy Mathew

  2. New Media in International Communication: Countering US Mainstream Media Views in the Iraq Wars

    - Madanmohan Rao

  3. E-governance: Ushering in an era of E-democracy

    - I Arul Aram

  4. Technology in Organizational Communication: A recursive relationship between Organizational Culture and E-mail

    – Abraham Ninan

  5. New Media and Public Relations Practice

    - Kiran Prasad

VII. Epilogue

  1. Bridging the Digital Divide in India

  - Subhash R. Joshi



About the Editor: Kiran Prasad holds a doctoral degree in Philosophy of Communication and is Associate Professor in Communication and Journalism, Sri Padmavathi Mahila University, Tirupati, India. She is also visiting faculty at several universities and resource person for faculty improvement programmes in communication, women’s studies, human rights and development studies. She has also been Secretary of the university teachers association. She was educated in Mumbai and Bangalore and is proficient in many languages. Throughout a rank holder in her University education, she was awarded the Masti Venkatesh Iyengar Gold Medal in M.S. (Communication) degree. She is author of Philosophies of Communication and Media Ethics: Theory, Concepts and Empirical Issues (2000) and has edited/co-edited The Glory of Indian Heritage (1998), Intercultural Communication (1999) and V.K. Krishna Menon: Man of the Century (2000) under her earlier name Kiran R.N. Her recent edited/co-edited books include Health Strategies and Population Regulation (2001, in 2 Vols.); Communication, Modernisation and Social Development: Theory, Policy and Strategies (2002, in 2 Vols.); Political Communication: The Indian Experience (2003, in 2 Vols.); Communication and Empowerment of Women: Strategies and Policy Insights from India (2004, in 2 Vols.); and Information and Communication Technology: Recasting Development (2004). She has to her credit more than 75 publications in journals of national and international repute. Her theoretical contributions include a conceptual model of Ethics Affecting Variables (EAV) in Communication; an analytical framework and conceptual model on Media Policy Affecting Variables for the implementation of Media Policy in the developing countries; and a conceptual model on Voting Behaviour Affecting Variables in Political Communication Campaign. She has specialized in several branches of communication and has successfully guided doctoral degrees in communication and journalism. Her research interests include Philosophy of Communication, Intercultural and International Communication, Media Policy and Ethics and Development Communication.


Recent Books of Kiran Prasad

Political Communication: The Indian Experience (in 2 Vols.) / Editor: Kiran Prasad. 2003,
Vol. 1: XX  + 1-388pp. Tables, Chart, 23 cm. ISBN 81-7646-391-4; 2003;  Vol. 2: XX
+ 389-728pp. Tables, Chart, 23cm ISBN 81-7646-392-2;(Set: ISBN 81-7646-390-6. Rs. 1800)

The book Political Communication: The Indian Experience comprising 29 chapters attempts to unravel the field and illustrate the diversity, yet at the same time, to be comprehensible and coherent to readers from different disciplines…  The issues and experiences of India in political communication presented in this book will continue to occupy the center-stage of attention in national politics…  The book spans the historical perspective to the contemporary situation with the authors and perspectives ranging from North to South, Northeast to Northwest and from East to West covering political communication in India in a broad sweep… This book will serve to provide the much-needed academic input in this area and explain the process of political communication in various mass media. 

- Journal of Communication Studies

Communication, Modernisation and Social Development: Theory, Policy and Strategies  (in 2 Vols.) / Editors: K.Mahadevan, Kiran Prasad, Youichi Ito (Japan) and Vijayan. K. Pillai (USA).  

2002, Vol. 1: xxxiv, 1-274pp., Tables, Charts, 23 cm.; Vol. 2: vi, 275-538pp., Tables, Charts, 23 cm.

This important book  - probably the first to analyze the complexities of development communication - focuses on the interdisciplinary basis, the multidimensional features and facets of communication for social development and integrates them together. This volume presented in a global perspective highlights the relationship between communication and modernization and their contribution to social development.

Health Strategies and Population Regulation (in 2 Vols.) / Editors: Yu Jing Yuan (China), Frederic Bourdier (France), M. Kabir (Bangladesh), Vijayan K. Pillai (USA), Kiran Prasad (India), Wu Junqing (China) & S.Sivaraju (India).

2001, Vol. 1: xvi, 1-316pp., Tables, Figs., 23 cm.; Vol. 2: vi, 317-598pp., Tables, Figs., 23 cm.

The book presented in a cross-cultural and international perspective is a high priority subject area in the present millennium. The book has been organized taking into consideration salient and critical themes – reproductive health, gender, development, family planning and AIDS prevention and methodological perspectives on health and population regulation – focusing on the discriminated population of women.

Philosophies of Communication and Media Ethics: Theory, Concepts and Empirical Issues / Kiran R.N

2000, xxxiv + 342pp., Tables, Fig., 23 cm.

The author has successfully accomplished the twin objectives of her work. First, the philosophical foundations of mass communication, right from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to contemporary philosophers, are presented clearly and effectively, and second, the value systems of Indian mass communicators are identified and analyzed. …. In presenting philosophy as one of the pivotal concerns of communication, the author has accomplished two goals with one stroke: philosophy is given its badly needed life orientation and communication is given its much-needed sound ideological footing. … At a time when serious questions are being asked about how communication research could be done more meaningfully and effectively, the author has added a new dimension by providing a new way of looking at communication and its problems in the Indian context – Journal of Dharma

V.K.Krishna Menon: Man of the Century / Editor: Kiran R.N.

2000, xii + 188pp., 23 cm., 1 Photo

This centennial tribute to V.K. Krishna Menon is mainly a collection of memoirs recounted by eminent persons who had either known one of the most vocal Indian leaders either personally or had the opportunity to watch him closely.  The strength of the book is that it is an invaluable contribution in a field which needs to be explored further by our media and academicians – Border Affairs

The Glory of Indian Heritage / Editors: K.Mahadevan, V.K. Madhavan Kutty, Kiran. R.N & Joseph Ouseparampil.

1998, xii + 471pp, 23 cm

This book is a collection of essays by eminent scholars on various aspects of Indian culture and highlights the wonderful heritage of India. There are few books of this type, available to the general public and is a welcome addition to the world of books on Indian literature - Prabuddha Bharata

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