e-Journalism: New Media and News Media
Edited by Kiran Prasad
ISBN 81-7646-6433; Pp xi+398;
B.R. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi;
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eJournalism: New Media and News Media About the Book: The purpose of this book e-Journalism: New media and News Media is to examine the role of the new media and how the nature of news media and news presentation has changed dramatically over the last decades with the emergence of new media technology and growing popularity of electronic news media. It also discusses how electronic media journalism is changing and challenging the identities of the occupations and organizations that make up the news industry. This book e-journalism: New media and News Media brings together senior researchers in media and communication studies who examine the challenging interplay between new media and news media through theoretical reflections, empirical studies and policy deliberations in the field of mass media and journalism. e-Journalism: New Media and News Media sets out to illustrate the application of new media technologies for recasting journalism practice. The book raises several fundamental questions on new media journalism and communication research and responds to the polemic issue of bridging new media technology to responsible journalism practice. The scholars of international strength who have broadened the new media debate on e-journalism have great pleasure in recommending this book to academia, researchers, policy framers and professionals in journalism, communication and information science. This book is also designed for the new generation of e-journalists and communicators, media studies and journalism students on new media and the digital media and provides an understanding of the changing media concepts and news practices in contemporary society. It is also hoped that this book will be a valuable resource for journalism students, working journalists as well as freelance and citizen journalists.

About the Editor: Kiran Prasad is Professor in Communication and Journalism, Sri Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati, India and currently with the Salalah College of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman. She was Commonwealth Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International Communication Research, University of Leeds, UK and Canadian Studies Research Fellow at the School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. She is also the youngest ever recipient of the State Best Teacher Award for university teachers from the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and recipient of India´s national award Shiksha Rattan Puraskar for academic excellence. She is also visiting faculty at several universities and resource person for faculty improvement programmes in communication, women´s studies, human rights and development studies. A prolific writer and well known Indian communication philosopher, she is author/editor of 20 books and published over 100 research papers. She is series editor of Empowering Women Worldwide, a book series published by The Women Press, New Delhi.                    

Content Editor and Contributors
1. New Media and e-Journalism: New Directions in News Media
- Kiran Prasad

New Media and Journalism: Features and Functions
2. Online Journalism: Methods and Diversity
- Roy Mathew
3. New Media and News Gathering Process in the Mass Media
- Olufemi Onabajo
4. New Media News Journalism: Issues and Challenges
- M. R. Dua
5. New Media and Journalism: Discourse on Content Production
- Nurcan Törenli

News Blogs, Online Media Forum and Citizen Journalism
6. News Blogs and Citizen Journalism: New Directions for e-Journalism
- Axel Bruns
7. Convergence: The intersection of Citizen and Mainstream Journalists on the Internet
- Alan Knight
8. Internet BBS Forum, Citizen Journalists and News Reporting: Towards an Enhanced Public-Government Communication
- Qian Gong
9. From Citizen to Political Parties: Internet in the 2007 French Presidential Campaign
- Olivier Arifon
10. Political News Blogs: A Bourdieusian Approach
- Clóvis de Barros Filho and Sérgio Praça

e-News and Emerging Media
11. Students as Creators and Consumers of e-News: The Case of Virginia Tech
- Marguerite J. Moritz and Sunyoung Kwak
12. Community Radio in India and Canada: Media Policy for Democratizing Communication
- Kiran Prasad
13. Media Richness of Online News Sites
- Sandhya Rajasekhar and Priyavadhani M.
14. Internet as a New Information Source: Determining Uses and Gratifications Perspective
- Uma Bhushan

Television Journalism in the Digital Era
15. Production, News Presentation and Role of Journalists in the Television Media
- Usha Rani
16. The Constructed Realities of 9/11 in the Television News Media
- Marguerite Moritz
17. Reality television in Indian context: New format with new implications
- Dev Vrat Singh
18. The Talk Show Phenomenon
- Waheeda Sultana
19. New Media and Sting Journalism
- Kiran Prasad

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