Manisana Wage Board: Government notifies  final recommendations approved by Cabinet.

           The Union Government has notified the final recommendations of the R. K. Manisana Wage Boards for journalists and non journalists.

            The Government accepted the recommendations with the following modifications.

    1.       Dearness Allowance shall be given on the basis of All India Consumer Price Index
              (AICPI) as against the regional CPI recommended by the Wage Boards;

    2..      The rates of neutralization dearness allowance have been enhanced as under:-
Basic pay Percentage of neutralisation
Recommendations of
the Wage Boards
As Notified
Up to Rs. 5000 100 100
Rs..5001 to Rs. 7000 80 80
Rs. 7001  to Rs. 9500 60 70
Rs. 9501 to Rs. 12500 45 60
Above Rs. 12500  40 50

      3.   The rates of  House Rent Allowance for classes VI to IX of newspaper establishments shall be  fixed at the level  as recommended by the Wage Boards or the one the employee is drawing, whichever is higher. (The Wage Boards had recommended fixed amount of rents for these classes);

     4.       Leave Travel Allowance shall be determined on. the actual   basic pay instead of  the  minimum of the pay scale  recommended by the Wage Boards;

     5.       The part-time correspondent/photographer shall not be paid less than 50% of basic pay  applicable to regular full-time correspondent/photographer  if he  is working at district  headquarters or above and one third of the wages if he is working below district  level  subject to the condition that  he shall not  work for more than two newspapers in the first case and not  more  that three newspapers in the second case. (The Wage Boards  had recommended  at least 40% of the wages for district headquarters  and above and  at least one third of the Wages for the others  subject to the condition that no part time correspondent/photographer shall work for more than  two newspaper  establishments.)

   6.        The Scanner Operators shall be placed in Grade 3A along with Planners and Proof Readers in the working journalists category. The Wage Boards  had placed them in non journalists category as factory staff;

   7.        The rates of increment shall be the same for  journalists and non-journalists having comparable  basic pay, as against lower increment rates for journalists recommended by the Wage Boards;

  9.         The. payment of arrears shall be made in 18 months in three equal instalments in  blocks of six months each. The Wage Boards had recommended payment of arrears in 30 months in three equal instalments in blocks of 10 months each.

        The tentative proposal notified earlier under the provisions of the Working Journalists and  Other Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955, along with the original draft proposals, that differed from the tentative proposals, are available at the CRJ Archives. The Wage Boards (appointed in September 1996)  took six years to finalise its recommendations.

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