It's Just not about Kurinji but its habitat, the Shola Forests

News about kurinji and shola forests

1. Eravikulam National Park reopens after fawning season
2. Marakurinji flowers in Munnar
3. Eravikulam National Park reopens for visitors
4. Benoy Viswam releases book on kurinji
5. Kurinji flowering season begins
6. Save Kurinji campaigners stage walkathon at Kodaikanal
7. Kurinjimala sanctuary borders are to be redrawn.
8. Blue stalkless kurinji flowers bloom in Idukki
9. A variety of kurinji blooms at Calvary Mount
10. Wayanad sanctuary closed to visitors
11. Tiger population rises
12. Government signs MoU on conservation of birds of prey
13. Green Day t Periyar Tiger Reserve with traffic restrictions
14. Fires in several forest areas of Kerala as summer advances
15. Frogs and fishes under threat in Kerala
16. Handbook on kurinji released
17. 195 nations reach accord to combat climate change
18. India's forest cover increases
19. Karuva Island opens for tourism
20. Climate action plan: India to reduce emissions by 35 per cent
21. Call for concerted action to address highly hazardous chemicals
22. Kurinjimala is home for the largest butterfly
23. Convention of environmental activists pitch for Western Ghats
24. Environmental activists to discuss on move to revive Pooyankutty
25. Agastyavanam Biosphere fails to get UNESCO approval
26. Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve may miss UNESCO approval
27. Ban on use of thotti for controlling elephants
28. Forum calls for measures to protect biodiversity
29. New technique to stop raiding elephants
30. Population of Tahrs go up in Eravikulam National Park
31. Nivedita P. Haran Committee submits report on encroachments
32. Grassland catch fire in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
33. Survey finds colonisation of grasslands on Palani hills
34. Fires ravage wildlife sancturies in South India
35. Pine plantation at Vagamon catches fire
36. Shola forests on Ghats to be classified as red zone
37. Centre proposes extension of Periyar Tiger Reserve
38. Kurinji blooms at Mookambika
39. Forest Minister inaugurates Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala
40. The fourth season of bloom short film premiered
41. Browning of Munnar
42. Cloud forest areas at Gavi experience decrease in rainfall
43. Neelakurinji blooms at Rajappara
44. Fresh bloom of neelakurinji at Santhanpara in Idukki district
45. Fires ravage forests, grasslands suffer extensive damage
46. Grasslands catches fire in Eravikulam National Park
47. Committee recommends against destruction of hills and grasslands
48. Forest Department to set grasslands on fire
49. Varieties of kurinji bloom at Eravikulam National Park
50. Kurinji mobile plan to end on October 18
51. Kurinji blooms near Pooppara
52. New plants sprout at Eravikulam National Park
53. Roy Thomas leaves Kurinjimala Sanctuary on new assignment
54. Temperature changes threaten shola forests of Idukki
55. Fires destroy shola grasslands in Kerala
56. Biodiversity India National Exhibition
57. Viable population of Tahr at Chokramudi near Munnar
58. Shola forests under threat at Ponmudi
59. Advocates panel to report on Eravikulam National Park
60. Sugathakumari opens video on Neelakurinji
61. Forest Department seeds knoll at Munnar
62. Nectar of kurinji is a sell out in Kerala
63. Haran recommends expansion of sholas
64. Kurinji seeds mature
65. Encroachments galore at Munnar
66. Kurinji bloom may visit Munnar town
67. Grasslands catch fire at Vagamon
68. Forest policy ignores shola grasslands
69. Breeding season begins at Eravikulam National Park
70. Kurinji season ends in Kerala, Tamil Nadu
71. Pilgrimage to Agastyakoodam begins
72. Call for Palani hills National Park
73. Kurinjimala Sanctuary Declared
74. Neelakurinji bloom causes traffic jams at Eravikulam
75. Govenor visits Rajamala to see neelakurinji in bloom
76. In celebration of kurinji-- kurinji festival
77. First flowers of the kurinji season bloom
78. Department of Posts releases commemorative stamp on kurinji

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